Our Hosts are the lifeblood of this event...we thank them for all of their hard work to make ‘lax at the lake’ happen

Tournament Hosts

Tahoe Training CampS

Our Mission

To host sports events in Lake Tahoe that inspire people to take their life to a higher, more productive level.

No matter your current level of sport, level of socio economic status, or level of confidence; we believe athletics inspire individuals & teams to build their lives in a positive direction.

Our Why

Because we think sports are a vehicle to inspire, teach & improve all of those who are involved.

Sports are not solely about the wins and loses. More importantly, sports are about the life lessons learned through the sports themselves. It is about what we learn about success and failure that make sports invaluable. We learn how training yourself to have a growth mindset stimulates hard work, dedication, and joy no matter score.

Sports have the ability to inspire, teach and elevate people’s lives. If we elevate enough people’s life, we elevate our communities, and eventually the world. This is why we believe sports are a vehicle to inspire the world, which is why we are so passionate about we do.